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LTX Fitness specializes in helping busy, overwhelmed women conquer frustrations and weight plateaus due to tight schedules, stress, and emotional eating. Our coaching will guide you through simple habit changes in mindset, movement, and nutrition to give you the success you've desired!

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Reach your goals from a seasoned fitness professional who knows firsthand about busy schedules, stress, and overcoming injuries.

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Am I Getting Enough Exercise?

How much exercise do you really need to get in shape? Twenty minutes three times per week? Half-hour per day? How much is too much?With so much information swirling around social media and the internet, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated about how much movement we really need to [...]


I can’t believe the year has flown by so quickly! December's arrival often triggers somber musings. What I wished happened. Books I should have finished. [You fill in the blank.] Our thoughts impact our mental, emotional and physical health more than we realize. So I invite you to try something [...]